Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to the CCA EcoTAP Blog

We're a small group of concerned CCA faculty and students. We'd like to help raise awareness and activism around the environmental crisis and sustainable practices. We're pleased that the College will begin to feature a "stream" of classes (listed here) that emphasize ecology and sustainability. Some of these classes have been offered in different forms since the 1970s. Others have been added recently and more will be developed.

To draw attention to these classes and to the broader issues, we will be offering a series of five Eco "Teach-Ins" this fall. The schedule is posted in the right column. Topics will include: How Scary is it? What Sustainability Means. Our Uses of Technology. Diversity and the Environment. and Changing Practices.

To new students, Welcome to CCA. To the rest of the CCA community, Welcome back. Feel free to post comments or ask questions.

If you haven't taken the CCA EcoTAP Survey at SurveyMonkey, please do. You can click HERE


  1. Amazing. Cannot wait!!!! Thanks for all the hard work!
    Logan Greenwald

  2. I'm so glad that you have posted my Spring class, TURF studio, on your list of Ecotap courses. TURF is a senior level interdisciplinary studio about design for agriculture in our increasingly urban world. I hope to see a broad range of disciplines represented, as I think its topical for so much of our work. Thanks for providing this forum for all of us focused on sustainable practice to become more aware of what's happening at CCA that we can get involved with.